Frequently asked questions

TRACKITO can be used in all countries of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA and Russia. Data tariff price differs in accordance with country in which the device was purchased (see terms and conditions).

NO. TRACKITO is equipped with a built-in SIM chip card, which connects to the Internet via Vodafone and partner networks, in Norway via Telenor and Netcom.

The stated purchase price includes TRACKITO module with pre-paid data for one year. After the year elapses, you can purchase more data directly in the administration section. Internet fees to your provider are not included. Here you can find the tariff pricelist.

Data consumption is set to a maximum of 3 MB per month + 12 MB data package which can be drawn any time during a year period. This limit is sufficient for regular use of TRACKITO. However, if the module is in the Tracking mode often or for long periods of time, the pre-paid data might be exceeded. If your data consumption approaches the total limit, we will inform you via e-mail. You can increase your data limit at any time directly from TRACKITO administration section.

The battery life is up to 6 months under regular use. Battery life is affected especially by quantity of tracking, frequency of changes of location, outside temperature and module settings parameters.